About Andrew Hutchings of Long Beach 

Andrew Hutchings, of Long Beach, California, has several passions in life. As a real estate tycoon, he has made a successful name for himself over the course of his 40-year career. Andrew is known for his astounding home renovations, but he isn’t interested in flipping his restored properties, unlike many competitors. He can sit back, relax, and cherry-pick whichever property catches his eye at this point in his career. One of Andrew’s greatest joys is to take a diamond in the rough and make it shine.

Andrew Hutchings has been a diligent, hard worker his entire life. His parents instilled a strong work ethic in him, and he went straight to work directly after graduating high school. Andrew spent nearly a decade working for Century 21, learning the ropes of the real estate trade. Never one to sit idly by, Andrew simultaneously earned his undergraduate degree from Long Beach State University. Andrew received a degree in Business Finance with a concentration in Real Estate. This propelled him towards his next adventure, showcasing his talent. At the age of 22, Andrew had his broker’s license, and a mere four years later, he opened his own office and never looked back. 

While his time spent in a brick-and-mortar location was highly lucrative, Andrew Hutchings decided that he wanted to continue owning his own business but move it to his home office. Andrew truly believes that being your own boss can be the most incredible job in the world, with enough effort. Not only does he get to pick his own hours, but the world of real estate allows Andrew to enjoy one of his other favorite things – people. His industry is a very sociable one, and Andrew thrives in that environment. He often considers his clients to be as close as his friends. 

Aside from his lucrative career, Andrew has many other hobbies and interests. One of his favorite pastimes is travel. This love of wayfaring began at a very young age and has continued throughout his life. Andrew will be the first to admit how fortunate he was to grow up with a father who was an airline employee. In exchange for staying enrolled in school, he and his brothers were able to fly around the world multiple times. Andrew fully understands how fortunate he was to have that experience growing up, and it has given him a fresh perspective on how other cultures live and view the world. 

When he isn’t traveling or spending time with family and friends, Andrew engages in one of his other hobbies. He is a big collector and owns a substantial amount of wristwatches. Andrew is drawn to watches that tell a story – wearing an antique on your wrist connects him to history and the world around him.

To read more about AndrewHutchings, explore his other websites, andrewhutchingslongbeach.net and andrewhutchingslongbeach.org!

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