Every homeowner has had to learn the hard way that repairs come alongside ownership. It’s an unavoidable fact, one that often ends up costing more than expected. While some jobs will always require experts to step up and handle things, the good news is that this isn’t true for all of them.

A homeowner can handle some home repairs. Not only does this save money, but it allows for a sense of pride in getting the job done – all by yourself. Here is a shortlist of some of the things a homeowner can handle all on their own.

Simple Repairs

Every year countless little projects are added to a homeowner’s to-do list. Clean the windows, maintain the yard, check the roof, and keep up with dozens of minor issues as they crop up. Thankfully, not all of these tasks will require a contractor.

For example, it is a simple process to deal with a leaky door hinge or fix a hole in the wall. Homeowners can even take repairs a step or two further, thanks to online resources (such as YouTube). There are guides out there teaching how to deal with creaky floorboards, repainting a fence, and so much more.

Appliances and Lighting

Many people will shy away from repairs the moment that technology or electricity is involved. This isn’t a flawed approach, especially for the cautious. However, many of the more straightforward repairs are manageable, even for those without experience or a license.

One example of this would be replacing light fixtures. These days, most retailers want the process to be approachable, and thus their products are designed as such. Homeowners can even try installing their own fans, cleaning out the dryer vents on their own, and even a few other simple repairs

Light Remodeling

Are you hoping to take the DIY mentality even further? Consider remodeling a smaller room in your home (to start). Most small bathrooms only need a minimal amount of work to make them aesthetically pleasing once again, making them the perfect starting point.

By diving into this process, a homeowner can learn how to lay tile, install a vanity, and perhaps even some basic plumbing and electrical work – depending on how far they want to push the process.