Over recent years, individuals have been growing more involved with flipping houses to use as an Airbnb, VRBO, or other rental property. Given the profit that can be made off of such investments, it is no wonder that individuals are gravitating towards this opportunity more than ever before. However, not everybody is a fan of this new trend, namely the neighbors of those who are renting out their property to potentially noisy and disruptive guests. 

With a few precautions, you’ll be able to rent out your house without bothering your neighbors, or at least with significantly lesser chances of doing so.

Have a Conversation With Your Neighbors

In order to start your rental experience out on the best foot possible, it would be wise to have a chat with your neighbors to let them know what to expect. To begin renting out your property without warning might come across as a surprise to your neighbors, but if they have time to prepare themselves, then they will not be shocked when complete strangers begin dragging suitcases through the house adjacent to them. You can also take this time to converse with your neighbors about how you can best respect them while also making money through your property. They will likely appreciate your desire to hear their input and will feel comfortable expressing their concerns to help you establish a few ground rules for guests.

Market Your Property Accordingly

Marketing is a huge part of renting out a property. Just like a business would have a target audience in mind for their product, you should have a typical type of guest in mind when presenting your property online. Establishing the correct type of guest can help lessen the chances of having rowdy vacationers bothering your neighbors. For example, if your neighborhood is known for being family-oriented, you should market your property as such. Using keywords when naming or describing your property can help in this effort. If your goal is to attract families to your rental property, you can describe it as a cozy, family home and highlight aspects like beach toys or high chairs. 

Be Clear About Property Rules

While you cannot control your renters’ every move, you can establish some property rules made clear prior to completing the booking. Let your guests know where they should park, about whether there is any curfew and any other restrictions that would help them be as respectful as any other neighbor would be. Having these guidelines written out can allow your guests to know what the expectations are and how they can be pleasant temporary neighbors.